Kimberly Kleckner, 51F. Let me introduce myself, my name is Kimberly. Some call me Kimberly, Kim, or ~Berly ( the other half of Kim~BERLY). I am 44 years old live in NW Indiana . I enjoy my life. I have two adult kids both still living at home. Some days this is a blessing and a curse. I love my kids and consider myself to very family oriented. I have a two dogs Jasper (SAMOYED) who is my best friend. Bulls-Eye ( PIT BULL) I love my dogs and to me they are family and considered the four legged kids. I am self employed in photography and graphic design. I am very creative and been artistic since as early as I can recall in my childhood. I would love to finish my college degree to actually say I have a degree to hang on the wall; but skills and talent are two different things. I am lucky to be blessed with both. To tell you about my personality, I am a Sagittarius. I am open, honest, loyal, friendly, funny, outgoing, adventurous, and from what my friends say a lot of fun to be around and spend time with. I enjoy being out n about, but I also enjoy being home spending time on my deck bbq-ing up some steaks and burgers and just enjoying the comforts of home. I consider myself to be masculine in my nature and a gentlemen at heart. I am thoughtful, kind, considerate, and compassionate. I prefer femme woman but find beauty in all types of ladies. Personality goes along with me and I seek someone who values home and family first. I like a women who respects themselves. I think if she can respect herself she can respect others. I seek a female who is also honest, loyal, and trustworthy. Someone who has a good head on her shoulders and can think for them self and can communicate well. Nothing frustrates me more then having to play the guessing game or trying to figure out what the other person is saying but is unable to communicate. I like good conversation and someone who enjoys a sense of humor and can enjoy my silly fun side yet know when I am serious and be serious with me when need be. I like all kinds of activities outdoors or indoors I am open to try anything once. However I am NEVER EVER going to bunge jump, jump from a plane or take any leap from some great height. I will stand back and watch you take that leap of faith all on your own. Heights make me queasy. I know a butch like me will chicken out if asked to jump from anything over 6 feet high. I will make it known I am not into drugs what so ever so if that's your thing good for you. Thanks for reading this far good luck to you now pass me by. I also am not a smoker and prefer my partner was also a non smoker. I hate the smell of cigarettes and find it a turn off. I also am not into any kind of head games, nor do I have drama with my ex or have ANY kind of drama in my life. I like it simple, to the point and no BS. I am grown and could do without in mature BS. If you like to get to know me drop me a response and I will get back in touch with you.

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