42M. I love to travel, explore new cities. I'm a major foodie, and love to try new places that tend to be more upscale (this is probably my major vice). I'm not into the scene too much, but occasionally will check out the local hang outs.

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  • vinny
    vinny reviewed Eagle Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Jack's Hole
    The other reviewers are spot-on perfect in their description of that miserable owner, Jack. Miserable is being kind, actually. I've never seen such an overbearing, rude, and downright mean individual in the service industry. The patrons are old, grizzled, and generally unatractive. For the life of me, I can't imagine anyone going here to cruise unless you recently had a leg amputated, and this was, literally, your last and only hope of getting laid. The pool table, busy until closing (or until Jack decides to shut it down) is the only thing of small value here ... oh, and if you have to take a leak, your better off pissing in your beer glass than taking a chance in their "bathroom" ... it hasn't seen a cleaning since Madonna was a virgin.