Marlen de la Torre, 48M. I am bisexual and like to dress as a girl. I love to suck cock, even on a first date. I'll do two guys at once, no problem. I have long beautiful dark brown hair. I love to say cool funny things and make people laugh. Oh yes, I love people! I can"t get my pics uploaded at the time but you can check me out on Twitter: Marlen de la Torre....So i managed to get my pics up, hurray!

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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  • Blue Moon Lawrenceville, Pittsburgh
  • Club Pittsburgh Baths Downtown, Pittsburgh


  • veryhotMarlene
    veryhotMarlene reviewed Blue Moon Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Blue Moon is Great
    Love the Happy Hour and the back room. The singing and kaoroke is so fun. It is a safe place for gay and lesbian people.