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  • Missie B's Midtown - Westport, Kansas City
  • Max, The Old Market District, Omaha


  • venezu
    venezu reviewed Parliament House Over a year ago
    Loves it

    I can't wait!!!
    I am from Orlando but away in grad school in the heart of the ultraconservative Midwest so I can't wait to get home and go party at The P-Hse!!!The last time that I was there, Labor Day weekend 2010, the place was in dire need of a makeover...yes, a little rundown but I STILL had an awesome time there. Sunday nite T-dance is an event not to missed, especially during Gay Days!!!!!There is something for everyone at The P-Hse....for older guys, twinks, muscle studs, bears...u name it and u will find it at The P-Hse!!!After all, aren't we all gay? Why discriminate among ourselves...we are already ostreciszed enough by the dominate culture..lay back and share a little love at The P-Hse!!!!

  • venezu
    venezu reviewed Missie B's Over a year ago
    Loves it

    A Bit Trashy-Looking But Always A Good Time!
    Every time that I have gone to Missie B's I've always had a good time. My favorite bartender is the cutie on the second floor. He is quite friendly and always smiling..that is a big plus for an out-of-towner. Every time that I have gone there I have been hit on by the regulars..believe me, its good to get some attention and be noticed after partying in a boring place like Omaha!!!I was at Missie B's just over a week ago and was approached MULTIPLE times by guys...noone was trashy..they all thought that I was cute and just wanted to dance....Don't let the exterior or decor detour you from this place....it looks a little trashy, but believe me, you can have a great time there!!

  • venezu
    venezu reviewed Max, The Over a year ago
    Hates it

    What a disappointment!!!
    I must admit, once you enter The Max u r in for a pleasant surprise in terms of appearance. The outside is very bland and plain like the rest of the city but the inside has an interesting decor. It is definitely roomy. Besides this the place has NO appeal. I am in grad school here in Omaha and believe me, after 2 years of living here I can still count the times on my hands that I've been to The Max...That is VERY sad considering that this is the only decent sized dance club in town....After one visit, believe me, u won't be inspired to return...Like I said...very bland and plain like the rest of Omaha...in terms of food...like a plain piece of white bread without any butter or jelly..not even toasted...nothing to make it appealling.