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  • The Club Columbus University District, Columbus
  • FLEX Spas Cleveland Downtown, Cleveland


  • usukmeifuku
    usukmeifuku reviewed The Club Columbus Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Cold cold cold
    We were there 10pm to 2am on a Sat nite - a couple hwp guys, others old and overweight. The bathhouse was freezing cold and there was little action going on anywhere - mostly old friends and "bandaids" visiting their neighborhood hang-out. The place for drinks/eats was haphazardly manned and the "menu" on the wall listed mostly what they didn't have, not what they had. Non of the 6-8 coffees they had listed were available, just instant black. Why do they even try?

  • usukmeifuku
    usukmeifuku reviewed FLEX Spas Cleveland Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Flex "Hotel" rooms
    We prepaid for 2 nites (Thurs & Fri) fat Club Flex in one of their "hotel" rooms. What a mistake! It was freezing cold in the room with no way to control the temperature and the bed had inadequate blankets so we slept in long pants, sweatshirts, and socks. In addition, the hallway music played loudly and continuously all night long. The whole bathhouse is far and away too big for the few people who go there - about 1/4 the size would have been more appropriate. Nevertheless, the staff was friendly, the gym was top notch, and the occasional sex was fun.