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  • Centuarian Sauna Auckland
  • Lateshift Gay Men's Club Auckland


  • uroskin
    uroskin reviewed Lateshift Gay Men's Club Over a year ago
    Loves it

    All night cruising at the weekends
    The longest running cruise club in Auckland now that Westside Sauna closed a few years ago, but it has probably been suffering from hook-up opportunities offered by the internet, judging by the lesser crowds present on previously heaving nights. The venue hasn't changed much over the years, it is still one of the best venues to spend a longer time in, such as pulling an all nighter til the sun comes up, the drunks barge in from the K Road clubs and you can have breakfast after service is over. There are two well-appointed playrooms available for extra hire charge and where you can organise your own private party or, if need be, have a place to sleep. First Wednesdays of the month is Arsemen night when both playrooms are devoted to rear end plays and a lot of fisters and fistees populate the slings. It's a good opportunity to learn about it as many experienced experts are on hand, literally. It's quite social as John who runs Arsemen insists on chatting to you to see what they can do for you. Sunday afternoons is still Jacks & Jocks, when the venue caters for nude cruising and masturbators.

  • uroskin
    uroskin reviewed Centuarian Sauna Over a year ago
    Loves it

    World class sauna
    Still the world class venue as it has always been: spacious, clean, catering for a wide variety of relaxation options, including the non-sexual kind (you can just watch Sky Movies or mainstream TV if that takes your fancy but that would be a sign of serious perversion). But it is still eye-wateringly expensive. They have started a few theme nights, such as No-Towels-Nights, which are a whole heap of fun and brings out the exhibitionist in you. The atmosphere is far more congenial then, so I would recommend going then. When there are a lot of punters, the action opportunities slow right down so you may want to avoid busy times like Sunday afternoons.