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  • tyngo1990
    tyngo1990 reviewed Steamworks Over a year ago
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    I went for the first time on the Monday after the the Pride Parade so it was a bit slow, but even still I had my dick in someones mouth in no more than 15 minutes and hooked up 4 times in 3 hours. The front staff was very friendly and very helpful. The place was incredibly clean, way above my expectations. The sauna and Jacuzzi were very relaxing. The overall atmosphere was great. No one seemed pushy or creepy, just everyone looking for a good time, and I didn't have to tell anyone "no" twice. The music was a techno style mix but was played just loud enough to be heard and not blasting. Plenty of space and rooms. Glory holes galore. Even if you don't want any action, no one seemed shy about just letting you watch. Plenty of condoms although if you have a larger dick like me I suggest bringing your own since they only have the regular sized ones. Overall this place is great and I can't wait to go again.