Scotty Tucker, 35M. Just your average guy born in 1985 and chilling out in the world while I make my way through college and work my way through life with friends and family. Love meeting new people and friends, so feel free to chat me up sometime!

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  • Quest Southside, Birmingham


  • tuckerncuffs85
    tuckerncuffs85 reviewed Quest Over a year ago
    Hates it

    The Quest was my first gay bar/club. Back then it was the best place to go. Over time I have seen this place go way downhill. The last few times I went they did make a few changes and improvements. They took out the stage to the lef of thw dancefloor entrance and put tables, widened out the area and made it much more roomy. Dancefloor stays packed on Friday and Saturday after the horrible drag shows. Drinks are mediocre but the back bartenders are at least nice and somewhat attractive. If the would clean the place up and present it a bit better, this place might actually return to some decency.