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Berlin, Germany
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  • Tabasco Sch├Âneberg, Berlin
  • topher7723
    topher7723 reviewed Tabasco Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Older looking for sex; Younger looking for $$$
    The bar itself is as you would expect, run down, seedy, down on its luck sort of place, this is no Numbers Los Angeles circa 1995. Given that prostitution is legal in Germany i was expecting something more. The hustlers are mostly Romanian and Croatian, not the blond hair blue eyed Germans i had hoped for. Most will charge about $100 eu to come back to your hotel, but quite frankly i am not sure that is a good idea. All appear straight and are fine with you blowing them, but are not interested in reciprocating. Interestingly if you turn them down for the offer of sex they generally respond with a "fuck you"