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T K, 58M. Single, and looking to change that status. Really like to nurture, cuddle and have been known to be spontaneous. Really enjoy spending time outdoors, checking out open markets, and eating out on occasion. Easy going, happy, and one day I'll have my own dog.

Redmond, Washington
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  • The Cuff Complex Capitol Hill, Seattle



  • tommy62
    tommy62 reviewed The Cuff Complex Over a year ago
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    I love the Cuff. It's got great space for just about everyone's interests. Awesome bartenders, pool, three bars, awesome bartenders, huge dance floor, great music, awesome bartenders, drinks are cheaper than most gay bars. Go there often enough and you don't even have to give them your order, just nod. I'm a dance floor junkie and have the best time. Where else can you go in Seattle and have this much fun?