Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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  • Donny's Place Strip District, Pittsburgh
  • P-Town Oakland, Pittsburgh
  • 941 Saloon Downtown, Pittsburgh
  • Andy Warhol Museum North Side, Pittsburgh
  • Carnegie Museum of Art Oakland, Pittsburgh
  • Club Pittsburgh Baths Pittsburgh
  • tomcave1987
    tomcave1987 reviewed Club Pittsburgh Baths 10 months ago
    Hates it

    avoid at all costs
    this place is FILTHY....the staff is rude, stupid....there is a fat drag queen named i think sherry, who does nothing but eat and watch her computer.....theres a dorky crew cut tall guy, that skeezes me out when he's checking out customers.....theres an overnight guy who thinks he's some sort of royalty, when in reality he is a rude BIG loser....there is always something broken....the sauna or the hot tub....a computer that never works...the showers have feces in them....BIG is sooo unsanitary and gross.....and the amount of drug dealing is off the charts...the owners look like twin brothers and are apparently a couple, who i suspect both wish they would have either slept with their older fatter brother or they just wanted to f is painfully obvious that they put no money into the has porn and only local channels, years ago they used to have cable, but i guess they decided to cut that out yet raise the prices, which are outrageous....go anywhere but here