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  • Piano Bar & Jazz Garbo Olas Altas, Puerto Vallarta
  • La Noche Lazaro Cardenas, Puerto Vallarta
  • Bar Frida y Restaurante Zona Romantica, Puerto Vallarta


  • toddpalmsprings
    toddpalmsprings reviewed Bar Frida y Restaurante Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Not enjoyable
    I don'tunderstand the attraction of Frida's. I stop in time to time when I'm in PV, my home away from home, because they get an earlier "crowd" (10-20 people) than the other bars. But I never stay long. The place is unbelievably filthy. I'm afraid to touch anything. When they moved to a new location I thought it would be clean for a while but it seems they took the dirt with them. I won't drink from anything except a beer bottle that I witness them open. I'm not a fussy guy but I've gotten sick from drinking from the glasses there before (and at Paco Paco once too). That's enough to ruin a vacation beleive me. Maybe it's the place, but the people there look dirty too - they probably aren't but that place makes everything and everyone look dingy. It's my theory everyone becomes unattractive and dirty the minute they walk through the door because I've never seen anyone the least bit attractive there. Ever.

  • toddpalmsprings
    toddpalmsprings reviewed Hotel Torre De Oro Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Frequent Flyer
    I visit PV fairly often and The Abbey is where I choose to stay more than anywhere else. Close to the beach but also the bars, restaurants and sites. A taxi is hardly ever necessary, everything is a walk away. The rooms are nice enough and the rates are usually pretty good. Why not?