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  • Beluga Green Point, Capetown
  • The Hothouse Green Point, cape town
  • tim66
    tim66 reviewed The Hothouse Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Unfair and surprisingly bad condition, even after refurbishment
    First of all I had to pay already the higher rate. Generall they ask in January 2015, R 120 for arrival Friday 12-6 pm . I arrived at 5 pm but had to pay already R 150, because it is "weekend". That's unfair rib of two people, asking R 60 too much for 2 guests. Beside this they advertised, they renovated and everything is up to date and new. That is defiantly a lie. In some parts there is a new vinyl floor in and they painted the walls green and blue. The most part of the premise is still old, dirty and disgusting. Only if you don't care about style, cleaness and rib of the cashier, you can go there to meet 95 % of 60 years and older fat guys. I will never go there again. Thank goodness I met a young (and only) friend, where I had sex with. So at least I got happy. But the dirty, dangerous premise disappointed me.