T-Rav Thorne, 32M. I am a Prop Dancer/Object Manipulation Artist by means i do really awesome fun ninja stuff with hula hoops, staffs, poi, rope dart, and anything else I can dance and build geometric path patterns with. I also do locks and braids on the side, for over a decade now. I do a lot of benifit performances(including one my performance troupe hosts annually) for athletics, art, and medical outreach organizations' events, as well as providing visual art for alot of local, (and bigger named traveling acts). My usual haunt is 2720 Cherokee(a great venue/art gallery that just so happens to be our rehearsal studio). Ironicly(being a performance artist), I'm kinda shy, and have no idea where to start in the stl gay scene(well, besides pride).

St. Louis, Missouri
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