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  • The Clubhouse II Downtown, Fort Lauderdale


  • the_cop
    the_cop reviewed The Clubhouse II Over a year ago
    Hates it

    hit and miss
    i been going here since 1989, usually a hit and miss crowd... if your good looking - attractive, you will in turn get the same. during the afternoon hours, don't expect miricles , as most hot guys, younger guys have to work. however...way to many obese extremely elderly men, what do i mean....??....300 pounds and pushing 80, walking aound naked of sleeping, or bothering the hot guys who do show up. i live close by so i stop in for a quickee, in my black ankle boots, baggy sweat socks, and a variety of diff color jockstraps, if it's decent i stay for a while, other wise i go to the movies or strut the mall, one day lotta hot guys, next a lotta grandfather types.