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  • Rehab Saint Louis Manchester Avenue, St. Louis
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    I would never attend Rehab bar and grill ever again. They were highly rude and extremely disrespectful to me from the minute I came to the location. I entered the location at 2:30 am and was never greeted by an associate and walked back towards the bathroom of the location, and my id wasn't even checked. After finding out more information from resources they are in consistent struggle to keep their liquor license due to the vast amount of fighting and violence that happens that involves their staff. This night was a prime example. I proceeded to the urinal and was using the restroom when someone came behind me and started screaming at me to get out, and I replied that I was finishing using the restroom and that I would leave. I wasn't sure why he was screaming at me to leave when the location didn't close for another half an hour. While standing at the urinal I was attacked from behind by the manager of the location, and was dragged down to the ground and choked. He repeated to choke me and to hit my head against the ground consistently. I was trying to breathe and release his hands from around my neck when other staff members came by and pulled him off of me, and as soon as I got up they all continued to yell at me and push me around. While finally getting the chance to make my way out of the location they started to yell racial slurs at me such as ni****, slave, etc. "You aren't leaving, ive locked you in and your not going anywhere". Then walking out back and trying to leave out of the fenced area I was grabbed again by the associate and tackled again down and choked again. He choked me to an extreme to where I couldn't breathe. The other associates started to join him in putting their hands on me and jumping me. Finally the police arrived and the associated at the location were all charged in the situation. I WOULD NEVER EVER GO TO THIS BAR AGAIN, AND WILL MAKE SURE THAT EVERYONE KNOWS HOW VIOLENT AND TOXIC THAT THE STAFF AND THE BAR IS WHICH IS WHY IM FILING A LAWSUIT AGAINST THE ESTABLISHMENT AND THE ASSOCIATES. AFTER SPEAKING WITH THE POLICE THEY STATED HOW HORRIBLE THE BAR WAS AND THAT THEY HAVE HAD SEVERAL CALLS AND COMPLAINTS ABOUT THE STAFF BEING VIOLENT AND FIGHTING WITH THE PATRONS OF THE LOCATION. ITS ABSOLUTELY UNNECESSARY, AND THEY NEED TO BE CLOSED. DOWN. THEY RUN A DESPICABLE BUSINESS AND DESERVE NOTHING BUT THEIR DOORS BEING CLOSED AND BEING UNABLE TO SERVE UNDERAGE ALCOHOL AND INFLICT VIOLENCE ON UNDESERVING PATRONS. I HAVE SEEN OVER TWO FIGHTS AT THIS LOCATION THAT INVOLVED THEIR ASSOCIATES, AND FROM A BUSINESS STANDPOINT..THAT IS NOT HOW YOU RUN BUSINESS. SO BEWARE!