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  • BJ Roosters Midtown, Atlanta
  • Swinging Richards Midtown, Atlanta


  • tallswimmeratl
    tallswimmeratl reviewed BJ Roosters 1 year ago
    Loves it

    always a fun place, friendly dancers and EXCELLENT bartenders! A place to visit in Altanta!

  • tallswimmeratl
    tallswimmeratl reviewed Swinging Richards Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Let the buyer beware!
    I have been going off and on to SR for a few years. The place is a total money pit. It's $3 to park (the attendant will lie about getting towed if you park somewhere else), the cover is fine, so I won't comment on that. The drinks used to be a great deal, $8 for a 16oz, then they jacked it to $10/11, now it's $8.50/9.50 for a 12 oz. So the drinks are no longer a reason to go there. Beware of many of the dancers, I had one take a $10 out of my pocket while I did a table dance with him (his name begins with a C). Or they'll pull bullshit like not keep track of the dances, and then try to charge you for 3 of them. The DJ's are totally obnoxious, one even said if you only tip a $1 on stage, go home (yes, he said that). They have a restroom attendant (which totally gives me the creeps), and they used to turn off one of the sinks so you had to go to his. The dancers will say whatever crap they want to get you to do a dance. Only people with more money than sense will take them up on that. Now they are some nice dancers, but the many are total douchebags, especially the ones who come across as arrogant. Unless you are pathetic, and like to waste your hard-earned money, avoid this place at all costs.