Take Philly, 48. Our WEBSITE is EVERYONE FRIENDLY! We cater to our visitors by providing other alternatives to the party life. The unique thing about the site is that we feature select things to do in a fun way as we categorize our ideas by an individuals mood. On our site and facebook we post things to do by the following categories: socialite, homebody, laid-backer, road-tripper, spontaneous soul, food lover and more. We want to build a relationship with the community and keep them engaged and informed on different things happening in the city. We also feature individuals in our community who are both newcomers or regulars in the city of brotherly love providing them with a platform to be recognized, network, or connect with others at diverse events in the community. Also, in our road trip/spontaneous section on the website we show city to city love to movers and shakers who host positive events/projects in other states giving our visitors the option to take a road trip and do something different in a city near by. All in all, our hints of what to do for the week provide a relief for people in the scene and people outside of the scene who are overwhelmed by the big event calendars and e-mail spam. Fact: We research and try the restaurants, venues , events, and activities we post before we relay them to our visitors. â Our site is FREE, and operates off of donations.â Thanks for your support! Your mood matters to us! Follow us: twitter.com/takephillycom

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