hot sweet, 30M. I am khalid 26 old I love realism in life so nice to treat as human not welling to make my life so hard do care for others as human as person female or mail not the gender I care it's the .sole mined .humanity .corrector .personality .experience .thoughts .way of contact .love .all above i think I'm witty, simply coy.. right now I'm very laid back ,home buddy cute&hogties what drives me crazy - LOL!!!! my friends describe me as happy go lucky guy, sensitive, moody ,witty, keen observant just be fair.. I'm picky when it comes to: personal things,esp. for my health wellness in my bedroom, you'd find: nasty naughty things...wahehehe best things I learned from my parents: be humble, be open minded ,be patience..wherever you will go always remember where you came from three things i can't live without: my loved ones, hi-tech gadgets, foods i am helping a few close friends ...it would be ok if you're athletic or a couch potato it doesn't matter as long as you have medium built body, heehaw

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