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  • The Backlot Downtown, Calgary
  • Texas Lounge Beltline, Calgary
  • Twisted Element Downtown, Calgary


  • swcgy
    swcgy reviewed Twisted Element Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Better than the other Calgary choices,but just OK
    I have been there a few times.Lots of guys in their teens and twenties.Straight women with gay guys.Music is disappointing for the most part.Lots of electronic thump thump.What the Calgary clubs are missing is "character"!They just want to make money and no real thought goes into any of it.Its too bad,because alot of people are looking for places to go to have fun,and this city lacks imaginative clubs.Same old shit.

  • swcgy
    swcgy reviewed Texas Lounge Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Nothing great here!
    This is a tiny bar attached to Calgary's sleazy,and creepy bath house(the only bath house in all of Calgary!)The staff were ok,not real friendly,the customers were not real friendly either.Alot of them were there to get a few drinks into them before heading to the bath house. I would not recommend this place to someone looking for a fun place to hang out.

  • swcgy
    swcgy reviewed The Backlot Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Not great..rather boring..crummy neighborhood.
    I was curious about this bar,as I had read about it.One night I went to it,and came away disappointed.Although it was a week night(and I knew it would not be real busy)it was almost totally deadsville. "YAWN . Stay home and save your money!