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  • Hummel's Pub Southside, St. Louis


  • stlorganist
    stlorganist reviewed Hummel's Pub Over a year ago
    Hates it

    what hapopened
    I would like to say that this used to be an enjoyable bar. But for some reason the owner I guess has decided to ostracize all her loyal customers. She is not paying her bartenders or people who do work for her. She is recruiting people to participate in leagues (darts) and not paying her share thus the players are responsible for paying her share as well. The bar is HOT during this weather I have gone in and found the air off and doors open with fans running.. not certain what has happened but very certain I will not be going back. And if you do take a towel you'll need it to wipe off the sweat! I would choose less than 1 star if that was an option... but alas.