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    I'VE BEEN A FIP GOER SINCE 1985 & am sad to write that I spent ABSOLUTELY THE WORST WEEKEND EVER during the recent July 4-07 week !! The Pavillion was a MESS !! No FLOW, HOT as Hell & you are TRAPPED in a BOX between the BAR & the Bathroom. WHO DESIGNED THIS MESS ??? Several times I thought I would FAINT .... & they had the nerve to charge $20 at the door ! Of course after a few Mini Premieres of this new BOX, people got the picture & STAYED AWAY IN DROVES !! The place was EMPTY July 4th !! A FIRST I am SURE !! WORSE is NOW there is a VERY VERY VERY OVERPRICED ($10.00 for a Loaf of Bread !) Supermarket where the BAR used to be !! What the hell is that the beginning of ?? How much more $$ are these people going to milk out of us ??? Simply said, the "New" Pavillion is D.O.A. There is NO ESCAPE FRM ANY OF IT !! I had to SCREAM or LEAVE !! So we all left.... with about 1,000 other disappointed people. I have ALWAYS enjoyed my trips to FIP, but sad to say they will never see this queen again. So many memories, so many FABULOUS TIMES ! So many friends would turn over in their graves !!P.S. Check your rentals, ours was a FILTHY DISASTER & the Real Esatate Agent was a SMART ASS !!