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    is this serious?
    So I come from Holland to New York. After my first day, on my way to the hotel, I see some total studs and get horny. I look up the gay scene in NY on my ipad and find this club which happens to be only a few blocks away. It turns out to be difficult to find. Guy at the counter was not really friendly: I am not used to gay saunas where you have to choose between having a room, or a locker or just a towel. First impression: every European sauna / dark room is sexier. I enter the sauna and within seconds I am sucking a hottie. But he is nervous. I think: fucker, enjoy it. A guy enters and the hottie pushes me away whispering: body contact is not allowed!!! (he adds: sorry). What the fuck I say: we are gay guys, we are all about fucking. I start walking around and find out that every cabin has the sign: only one person per cabin!!!. What is this: a gay chastity competition??? Look, the US is often weird and full of prudes, that much I knew but this is bizarre. And I really ask myself why I got two condoms at the beginning: to do what with it?. Probably the idea is to sneak into a cabin anyway, but if the police is around you will be jailed for it or your will be in the NYT, punishment for wanting to have nice recreational sex with a fellow gay guy. I guess the NY municipality is to blame but why accept such 19th century madness? Whatever, long live Europe I would say. But to end on a positive note. On my way down in the elevator I talk to a cute guy who didn't want to pay 40 USD. I explain why he is right anyway. We walk up to my hotel. To keep it short: gay guys tend to get what they want one way or the other...