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  • Dr. Gary Enker's World Eye Glass Fort Lauderdale Beach, Fort Lauderdale
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    spencerg.santana reviewed Dr. Gary Enker's World Eye Glass Over a year ago
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    highly recommend Dr. Enker's World Eyeglasses
    I had read a lot of reviews about World Eyeglasses before deciding to pay them a visit. Most of these were pretty stellar, but there were some that were anything but. I visited the store this week, as a walk-in. The place was hopping with customers, which I always consider to be a fairly accurate indicator that the business is a quality one. I was greeted and taken care of right away and pointed in the direction of the frames display, which I spent some time perusing. I was then offered an eye exam for $39 which I was told would be waived should I decide to purchase glasses or contacts, which I accepted. I filled out the obligatory paperwork and was taken into the examination room right away. The exam was performed by Dr. Enker. And yes, his speech during the exam did seem scripted. But I'm not sure why some people have a problem with this. He was very professional and courteous and asked me several times whether I had any questions. I went there for an eye exam and quality glasses at great prices, not to discuss literature or commiserate about LeBron James or to get a recommendation for a good Zinfandel. How personalized is a routine eye exam supposed to be anyway? I was then taken to Melissa's station where she took her time going through dozens of frames, helping me to find the exact ones I liked. I found her to be personable, funny and endearing and thought that she made the experience a lot more enjoyable than it otherwise would have been. I was offered what I thought was a great price on two sweet pairs of frames and lenses, which I decided to buy, although I never felt pressured to do so. As with any other for-profit business, their goal is obviously to sell, but it's not like they're pushing eyewear like a crack dealer slinging rock on the corner of the local 'hood. The only minor issue I had was that when I went to pay for the deal I was told that because I had opted out of the normal pupil dilation method in favor of the computerized method (the normal method causes blurred vision for up to several hours, and I had to drive home), that it would cost an additional $15. I was not told this at the time it was offered, although it's not out of the question that it was written in the paperwork I was given to read and I somehow glossed over it. Not really a big deal because I would have done it anyway. If you're looking for glasses or contacts at a great price, I highly recommend Dr. Enker's World Eyeglasses. Based on my experience, the only complaint in the reviews that seemed to have any merit at all was the one that referred to the doctor's exams as being scripted. So if you can't bear going through a "scripted" eye exam, I'm sure there are many doctors you can find who are willing to provide more riveting conversation for much more money than you'll pay Dr. Enker.