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  • southendcb
    southendcb reviewed Eagle Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Neighborhood bar
    I was compelled to write a review of the Eagle from someone who lives in the South End. It's your friendly neighborhood bar. More everyday then leather, but has a great afterwork crowd (5pm) and is always busy on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights (11pm on -- later the better!). It's a bar, bar. No dance floor (thank god!). One pool table, a few video games, and a meat rack (back against the mirrors, it's not a huge space and not your usual Eagle (that you might expect from other cities) but it's a great place to meet real guyz. And the place (and the staff) have seen it all. It's been there for 20+ years and maintains despite the gentrification all around it that would otherwise want it pushed out (valet parking anyone?). Check it out when you're in the city. And be sure to say hi to the owner/bartender...and ask for a few stories from yesteryear.