47M. Moving to LA on Monday. Will be back and forth between Oceanside and LA for a few weeks. I like to dive, hike, camp, kayak, watch TV/movies, and read. I'm happy spending time alone or with someone I care about. I will go to clubs, occasionally, but it is not my scene. I am an environmental and social activist, supporting environmental justice, protection of the natural environment, and equal rights for all. Physically, I'm primarily attracted to Latino, Caucasian, Middle Eastern, and African American men...but all races have people that I find attractive and people that I don't find attractive. Politically, I fall under the progressive category. I'm well educated, informed on many issues, and am willing to take a stance. I like to discuss my views with other people, hear their views, and reach a consensus. I am, overall, very open minded. However, I have little patience for people who are closed minded or who accept things blindly because a political leader states it. If you think Sarah Palin, Michelle Bauchman, and Rick Perry are good for the country and have the right ideas, chances are we won't get along.

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