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  • Discovery Night Club River Market, Little Rock
  • soar
    soar reviewed Discovery Night Club Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Drag Queen fight
    Okay, after arriving in the warehouse district, you find yourself at the club. Once inside, it's okay; there are some rooms with different music playing. The bartenders are cool and some are pretty hot. But watch out for the drag show. This past Saturday night, this one drag queen spent about 20 minutes on stage using every word in the book on how the queen would beat up this person in the audience. For the first five minutes of her rant, the person in the audience didn't even know the queen was talking about her. It started to get scary. Seriously, 20 minutes was spent on saying how the queen was going to beat up this person. The host drag queen finally came over to this drag queen and said, "calm down, calm down." There is enough violence out there, it shouldn't happen like this... Anyways, if you're really bored on a Saturday night; check this place out, but don't expect much from Little Rock...