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  • Effex Nightclub Albuquerque


  • smilezguy
    smilezguy reviewed Effex Nightclub Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Great place, But my opinion has changed...
    Its big with a separate upstairs club. A few months ago I read in the ABQ newspaper journal that this place was rated the best new night club in Albuquerque, and even though its a gay club many straight people even say it's a good place. At first this place seemed to me like the best place to go the first time I went, but my opinion has changed about how great this place is since the $10 cover charge still continues. The drink prices are about $7 a drink in an 8oz cup. Now lets be honest to get a good buzz going I need at least 3-4 of these small drinks. However, many other clubs are about the same price, but those other clubs don't have a cover charges and they always have drink specials. So at Effex I always end up spending much more than I would at other clubs. This place is still Hot though. Good looking staff (many not gay), with a good size crowd of people (again many not gay), and good techno music (with no other variety of music) and the outside area is the best when the dance floor gets too hot. Still I rate this place OK because, this place is great, but its not good feeling like I'm getting cheated on drinks and cover charges.

  • smilezguy
    smilezguy reviewed Albuquerque Social Club Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Great People Great Place...
    You may have to get a membership for this place, but with what you save on the drink prices you'll be really happy you came here. The bartenders are great and the atmosphere of this place is nice to be around. If you want a great place to just relax and listen to some awesome music then this is the place. Ive been here a few times and it's always been really chill.