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  • Club Tempo Hollywood, West Hollywood
  • TOM's Leather Bar Colonia Condesa, Mexico City
  • El Almacen Zona Rosa, Mexico City
  • Touch Antro - Bar & Terrace Zona Rosa, Mexico City
  • Marrakech Salon Centro Historico, Mexico City


  • sinisterbeats
    sinisterbeats reviewed Club Tempo Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Tempo is wild!
    One of the funnest nightclubs in LA especially if u like Mexican cowboys......theres more than u can shake a @!?)"@$

  • sinisterbeats
    sinisterbeats reviewed Touch Antro - Bar & Terrace Over a year ago
    Loves it

    A really nice place
    This is a really nice bar where you can hang with friends over drinks...and lounge. On Saturdays the VIP crowd may be a little shady....but they get over it after a few drinks...LOL LOL LOL I nice place for drinks after a date...perhaps impress a guy or gal...with the debonair flair this bar has

  • sinisterbeats
    sinisterbeats reviewed El Almacen Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Really cool hangout....with a trippy crowd
    I really enjoyed this bar...the crowd is hip and really down to earth compared to some really she she bars in the area whose employees are total dicks! You will always find a friendly face and if you're the very social type...will have an entourage that will want to party with you way after the night is over!