Kathleen Checki, 49F. Business /Personal Manager and Consultant. I am the President and founder of Simply Consistent Inc., a company dedicated to assisting individuals, celebrities and businesses in making their bottom lines profitable consistently. INNOVATION + CONSISTENCY = RESULTS. Behind a great company are strong leaders. At Simply Consistent, we excel as a team. The Simply Consistent environment is a collaborative, organization where the objective is to work in collaboration with our clients, combining our strengths to form partnerships that not only enable us to realize our combined goals, but exceed them. We are committed to improving our clientâs bottom line, operations and marketing while inspiring them to dream, create and explore what their true goals and aspirations are. We are flexible enough to change, adapt, and invent to ensure the success of our clients and to turn their dreams into realities. It is our goal to add value to our clients, and create images that our brilliantly marketable. We accomplish this with unique solutions tailored to our diverse clientele. We add value by increasing revenue and bringing the best experience to our clients. Our teams work across all barriers to create intelligent and inventive decision making and effective follow-up possible that results in solid profits... Knowing, learning, creating, and relating are the most important processes in our organization. Our culture is based on risk taking, personal responsibility, trust, and collaboration. At Simply Consistent we will turn your dreams into realities. Our core purpose is to understand our clientâs priorities, strengths, goals and dreams and turn them into achievements.

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