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60M. Thin, fairly muscled, totally tanned sun worshiper that loves nude and gay resorts with pools, etc., where I can share and experience hard with friends.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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  • The Club Columbus University District, Columbus
  • Club Pittsburgh Baths Downtown, Pittsburgh
  • Raven Resort New Hope, New Hope


  • shavedseven
    shavedseven reviewed Club Pittsburgh Baths Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Love this place
    Well, I dunno know. I love this place. If you need a gym, theirs is very well equipped. And you can work-out naked, and make new friends in the process. Plus it is an exhibitionist paradise. You can sun on the roof deck with 8 or 10 lounge chairs, fully nude. Although it is reasonably placed so people in adjacent buildings can't see you, you can always hope the guy in the construction crane nearby can see you enjoying another patron doing whatever. And the gym! If you adjust the blinds, the folks in the garage next door can see the same. Love it. Not to mention the Glory-Hole-Room. Multiple video screens to keep you stimulated and two levels so the receiver of your pleasure does not have to kneel-down. And it is reasonably lit so you can be further stimulated by seeing what is going-on. Then there is the glory-hole-maze, which is much lower lighting for the shy among us, who can offer their pleasure tools to other new friends. And the multi-tiered viewing gallery with multi-screens offers another opportunity to show possible friends what you might like to offer for their pleasure. Finally there is the dark play-pen, with a large bed area, swing, and plenty of guys looking to do whatever they can on an evening. There's plenty of condom trays spaced throughout so you can play safe. The rooms are great too, with video screens and clean. Also, the showers are interesting places to make new friends, and the jacuzzi is very comfortable. The only drawback might be the sauna. I don't know how anyone can sit in something like that without cooking. Anyway, try it out. It is great.

  • shavedseven
    shavedseven reviewed Raven Resort Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Fabulous party time
    Only the most fabulous travel destination for sexual friendly people in the New York and Philadelphia area. You can be male or female gay, or just straight, as long as you like a great party in a sexually charged environment. The Raven Pool offers just all that. Great poolside seating, private changing booth, shower, and an incredible bar hut offer all the ingredients for a fun time during a sunny day, or even cloudy day, either during the week or weekend. Generally cute, well groomed and good looking young men and women in the skimpiest of suits (yes, g-strings) by the pool and in the bar, with Drink prices very reasonable and bar staff (Pumpkin in particular) all friendly and efficient. Bar menu also available and reasonable. Sundays are usually busiest. Only challenge is getting an umbrella if you expect it to be sunny and hot. Got to get there before 11 on weekends for that. Opens the end of May. Can't wait. I wear the skimpiest suit (only covers my business) and usually sit on the back wall. See you there.

  • shavedseven
    shavedseven reviewed The Club Columbus Over a year ago
    Loves it

    I love the negative reviews. Any club isn't going to be everything for everyone. I've only been to the clubs in Pgh and Philly and this one has the best equipped gym of any and, most important, a pool you can lounge around naked in the warmer months. If you're out there and look good with a nice hard, you'll make friends easily. Clientel will vary with the day of the week and time. You won't find many cute Twinkies (which I like) running around naked on a weekday afternoon. Maybe after 10 PM Friday or Saturday.