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  • ACI, Alternative Club Northcentral, San Antonio
  • shadow91
    shadow91 reviewed ACI, Alternative Club Over a year ago
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    Still a basically fun place
    ACI has been around for quite a while now, and is showing its age somewhat, but is by no means trashy or unclean-- it's about as clean as such an establishment can ever hope to be. Personally I don't care for some of the changes that have been made but that is purely a matter of taste. The sry sauna has been broken down for a while now, but the steam room and hot tub are kept going and are good places for some action, as of course are the dark rooms and the porn rooms. There is a main bunking area (good luck getting any rest there though), 3 TV rooms (one with a "cave" and ramp for glory hole type action), and 2 dark rooms. Large hot tub and outdoor swimming pool with deck that gets plenty of sunlight and there is a very high privacy fence so nude sunbathing is not a problem. Lots of private rooms that vary in size and some locations are definitely more desirable than others (generally the lower numbers rooms, 20 and below, are in more trafficked areas, so if you want a true break from the action, get a higher number room). The staff's politeness factor varies, although since Super Steve's departure they are not as friendly/efficient. I rarely leave disappointed when i get there, not that often since I actually don't live in SA but when I go there are always hot guys and MAN can they suck dick in SA! Use your head (the bigger one) and your common sense (if something don't seem right, it likely ain't, walk away), play safely, and you'll have virtually worry-free fun for a few hours.