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    a QUESTION, not a review.....HELP1
    hey there! so, i live in, bellingham, i'm moving to, seattle, soon, as soon as i sell my the meantime, i'm planning my first visit to, cc's....i've read a bunch of reviews on, yelp, and other sites. this place sounds like it could be a lot of fun for a guy who is attracted to bears....while i'm 50, and look much younger(capricorn) very long hair, no facial hair, not a twink but, with ear-rings, slim, and easy to look at but, still, obviously not a bear...obviously, most likely a bottom, chaser, would be more like it....should i go somewhere else? or, would i be accepted here on their turf? thank you, i want my first bear-bar experience to be both fun and memorable....i'm easy going and very friendly with good manners......HELP! ???