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    I also showed up one night not knowing it was "Freshman Night" and was turned away. I decided to go on the website and I wrote a very respectful email indicating that i had been coming to Steam for years and suggested that this notion of having special nights just for a certain group of customers was not a great idea, normally gay clubs try to attract a diverse crowd. There are other venues in the country that have special nights where they offer discounts for younger guys (there is even one in Vegas that offers free admission to guys 18-25 on Monday nights, they bring in a DJ and the place is hopping with a huge crowd of all ages becasue they welcome everybody). Anyway, my email offering the feedback of a long time customers was responded to by an angry rant from the manager. He basically accused me of being a troll "who can't take no for an answer" and said I just "feel sorry for myself". NONE of this crap is true and I was just offering my suggestions and i was so pissed at this unecessary rant that I've never been back. Whether you are under 29 or over, my advice is avoid this place. This place has no sexual energy, the management plays awful "new age" music that puts you to sleep, and the big flat screen TV in the locker room is tuned to Logo, so "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" is usually playing as gay men undress together..,yeah, thats hot. If you make any suggestions, instead of thankiing you for your input, they insult you. If no one goes, eventually someone that is responsive to the community will open competition. I'll wait until then!