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  • Splash Bar & Grill San Jose, San Jose


  • sanman
    sanman reviewed Splash Bar & Grill Over a year ago
    Hates it

    I have listened to friends telling me..."meet us downtown at the new happen'n place in town, it's the hottest, hippest gay place in San Jose" HA! HA! HA!.....All I have to say to them and this place is....Inconsistent hours!!! How can you run a business like this!! I was trying to take my friends out on the town to this place; fighting for parking, walking blocks only to find out the place has their television on but no one is inside watching it! The doors are closed with the lights off...Always closed when I went down there!! Talk about embarassing!! So what do I do?? First I apologize to my friends for this inconvenience, then we go to the place that I can count on for being open with drinks worth drinking and not having to worry about fruit flies in the booze bottles....TD's is the Happen'n place in town! Plenty of parking consistent business hours. The place I elect to take my 'out of town friends to !!!