ryan jiems brown, 40M. I am a professional Dom who trains submissive men, couples, and anyone interested in the community. I am proficient in bondage, caning, cbt, spanking, and paddling. I also use leather boots, glove, jackets, rubber suits, toys to the joy of my submissive lad. Over the years of being here in this lifestyle i am strictly observing this 3 foundation ingredients Of BDSM relationship. They are "HOW"... Honesty. Be honest in all you say to your partner. Even if they do not want to hear it. This is difficult for a sub, because they generally rely on silence rather than honesty. That is a recipe for disaster. Politely and submissively put, a sub should be able to tell her Dom anything. More of this later. Obedience. It is something that is not always practiced, but is part of the trinity of success. Trust your Dom and obey him. Do not try and circumvent a task. It only leads to trouble. Never argue, it undermines everything at every level. If you feel like you are being pressed too hard, Rule No 1 applies. Willingness. Do not avoid a task just because you don't think you will like it. Even if you have done it before and a previous partner let you down or spoiled it for you. Keep an open mind. Trust your current partner. It may be a totally different experience. If not, Rule 1 applies. If this is obey, then all should go well! REMEMBER THIS BEFORE YOU DECIDE TO CONTACT ME.... 'Trust is the hardest thing to gain, and the easiest to lose' 'Anything worthwhile is never easy, and the price of victory is never cheap!' 'Mean what you say, do as you claim'

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