Russell Patterson, 75. Love movies and romance( not necessarily in that order! Veteran(Vietnam Era)and member of local Post 44 of the American Legion! Been to Akron and Cleveland on ocassion but prefer Canton Arts District Scene especially the live music at BuzzBin! Loved Ill Kinetic from Akron and also Red Sun Rising being played on my favorite WRQK FM 106.9(it just rocks) ! Love all music and art nomatter how 'boring'it may seem to others! I have an artistic temperment and sometimes require special handling when in that 'mode/mood' ;but, generally I'm laid back but highly energetic(is that an oxymoron?)! If I say you can count on me you'd better believe it(though I'm chronically late)! I'm overly affectionate and love to make others happy and feel comfortable especially sexually where I (so I'm told) excel at most endeavors! Never had any complaints except that I wasn't spreading my 'talents' around enough! Honestly! What (?) I should be a slut 'cause you think I should be! PARDON ME FOR KEEPING MY INTEGRITY AND BODY AS I SEE FIT SINCE THIS IS MY LIFE,FELLAS! I happen to believe in "TRUE LOVE" and have had to settle for 'Mr. Wrong' too many times to recount! I still have to believe my 'Prince' is out there looking also;and,that the little cottage by the lake with the rose garden and the comfortable fireplace-lighted interior is inviting me to enjoy a truly loving and fulfilling life with one angel of a man!

Canton, Ohio
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  • Woody's Washington Square West, Philadelphia
  • Woody's Gay Village, Toronto
  • Aladdin's Eatery Akron
  • Wasabi Japanese Steakhouse Akron