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    robertoaurelioruelas9147 reviewed FLEX Spas Phoenix Over a year ago
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    [3/14/2013 at 4:30PM] WOW! Well that was very eye opening (O.O) too much information for many to hear, but here goes. This place was really dope tho. Naked open showers, skinny-dipping, steam room, dark rooms, a little workout gym, porn lounges, whirlpools, sun decks and private rooms. Never have I've done what I did today. FLEXspas Phoenix (flexbaths) was where I went, never been. I had a good time. I can honestly say I could die happy now. (n_n) I want to thank my friend for inviting me out to this awesome place. I met him online through Adam4Adam. [find me on there I'm ROB_rules] He hosted. He scooped me up and payed for the entire thing. Flex featured all the sex fundamentals. Went skinny-dipping. This place literally felt like the Disneyworld for a gay Hugh Hefner. This place was fucking legit hands down. Open showers, where you can see other guy's junks not just your own. Everyone walks around naked with just a white towel covering their waist down. Omg why didn't no one tell me such place existed here in Phoenix. Lots of sugar daddies, scruffy buff dudes. Flex is the devils playground. I was like a little kid in a candy store lol