68M. Thank you for reading my profile. Not seeking dates or lovers . I am a retired housing judge from New York and speak English, German and Spanish. My favorite singer is Zarah Leander. I value being polite , don't smoke or drink. If I go to a bar, I order Orange Juice! People kid me about that but I never have to see a doctor. I love those who are openly, joyfullly Gay. In spite of all the prejudice against us, I wouldn't change who I am for the world. "Poor is the man (or woman) whose pleasures depend on the permission of another". PS on Jan. 12 -I'll be wintering in the jungle where I may not have access to this page. So if you want to send me a message please wait till you see activity here again from me. Thank you.

Clearwater, Florida
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  • Eagle NYC Chelsea, New York
  • Lucky Star Lounge St. Petersburg, St. Petersburg
  • The Raven Northeast, Anchorage


  • robert5
    robert5 reviewed Trades Hotel Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Gay Hotel in Blackpool
    When I asked the British Tourist organization for info on Blackpool I got a strange reply: "Blackpool? No one goes there." It sounded perfect for me! Of course, many people DO go to Blackpool, it has been popular for generations. I flew to Manchester and took the train over to it. Trades Hotel is within walking distance to whatever I needed. Not plush, but my room was comfortable and the price was right. I loved walking by Blackpool's honky tonk seafront. At Trades, I met a nice guy, Derek, who invited me to go to Wales with him. An enjoyable time. I have fond memories of Trades.

  • robert5
    robert5 reviewed Lucky Star Lounge Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Small, friendly lounge
    After being told about the Lucky Star Lounge, I went there with a friend yesterday. The set up is intimate There is a small outdoor patio and it is connected to the open bar room. Although no one was smoking on the patio when I visited, I don't know if it is far enough away from the bar to make it really smoke free. You walk through the patio to enter the bar also. I think it is someplace where conversation flows freely. The location is good, steps from Central Ave and within walking distance to other places. All in all, I had a positive feeling.

  • robert5
    robert5 reviewed The Raven Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Fun Bar in Anchorage
    I have to say that my view of The Raven is colored by the first time I went there. One of the most beautiful Native American young guys I've seen grabbed me and tongue kissed me as I walked in. Now that does not happen to me often and maybe not often at The Raven either. But I thought "Well, I've come to the right place". I've found the Anchorage scene to friendly which almost makes up for how drab a city Anchorage is. The bar is at the end of downtown and it won't win any awards for decor. It's just to relax and maybe meet someone

  • robert5
    robert5 reviewed Playa Los Muertos Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Cruisy Gay Beach Worth a Visit
    A charming beach to spend the afternoon on. They don't charge to sit in the chairs, you just order something. The prices were not as high as I expected. Handsome business boys approached me. Since I was with someone, it was not difficult to shake off any I didn't want. I went for a little stroll on the beach and a sexy lifeguard made it clear he was available. Never found out his rates.

  • robert5
    robert5 reviewed O Boticário Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Great skin care products and scents!
    A chain of great smelling fragrance shops. Perfect to stop in for that rainy afternoon at the mall.

  • robert5
    robert5 reviewed Eagle NYC Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Leather Bar without much leather
    Ok, Lieblings, there was once a time when I would put on something butch (clothes, not a person) and head on down to The Eagle. I'm a native New Yorker but would not feel safe walking around here late at night, so I would advise taking a taxi. I've found it more of an S&M locale, meaning "Stand and Model". It certainly doesn't offer the leather scene from days gone by, but that is not the bar's fault. It can be a nice night out with some friends. The decor is what you would expect from a leather bar.

  • robert5
    robert5 reviewed Georgie's Alibi Over a year ago
    Loves it

    A Good Venue
    Georgie's is a welcome treat to relax. The food is good and not too high priced. I've found the staff to be friendly and professional. I've always met someone interesting sitting by the bar as well as by the tables. Smoke free inside. The music videos are enjoyable. If you are going out with friends or alone, Georgie's is a fabulous destination.