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  • Hydrate Nightclub Boystown, Chicago
  • Aloft Chicago O'Hare Suburbs, Rosemont
  • Steamworks Boystown, Chicago


  • rob_88
    rob_88 reviewed Aloft Chicago O'Hare Over a year ago
    Loves it

    not convenient, but nice
    its kind of out of the way to get anywhere from the aloft via public transportation, but they have a free shuttle until midnight, after that the cab is 7 or 8 bucks to or from the train station, aside from that this hotel is SUPER gay friendly, but doesn't have a hot tub, and the only ice machine is on the 2nd floor, so kind of out of the way, still not sure if I approve of the hotel signature scent, which fills the elevators, on the plus side, they have an actual cook durring breakfast hours, and while 4 bucks for an egg sandwich isn't cheap, hot, good food, is really nice. and they have staff at the front desk 24 hours a day. lots of gays staying here too, and the hotel bar actually gets some people at it. either way, I don't know if I'll shell out for a better location next time, just to avoid 1hr train rides to get to boystown, but if thats not a factor I really recommend the aloft, oh and did I mention it has great decor? very modern, lol we love it

  • rob_88
    rob_88 reviewed Hydrate Nightclub Over a year ago
    Hates it

    very circuit
    drinks were expensive, but well made, 2 cute go go dancers, had to wait a lil to get in at 2, about 20 min, was 10 bucks, so not bad at all, but most of the crowd inside was built 30-40 year olds, and people were passing out x all over, I liked the staff, they were friendly, even though it was really busy, but the crowd kills the bar, I'm not into tweaked out guys, and the place was packed with them. idk, but thats my 2 am saturday experience

  • rob_88
    rob_88 reviewed Steamworks Over a year ago
    Loves it

    one of the better bathhouses I've been to
    this is a pretty big place, has a HUGE hot tub, but make sure you TIE your towel around the railing before you get in, I saw a bunch of people's go into the water, I went on a saturday, and it was pretty busy, seems like a lot of the younger guys (I'm 22) were bottoms, which is cool with me, it was a pretty good mix of people, who aren't at all picky so action is easy here, had to wait maybe 10 min for a room, but nothing major, very friendly staff, reasonable prices, tons of tv screens, but not as many playing porn as you might think, a bunch have room status updates for people on the waiting list for a room. I ended up with 3 cute mex. guys in the 4 hours i was there, classy for a bathhouse, lol