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  • Termas Fragata Jardim Paulista, Sao Paulo
  • Thermas Lagoa Vila Mariana, Sao Paulo
  • rmr
    rmr reviewed Thermas Lagoa Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Nice atmosphere
    Besides from the possibility of good sex with rent-boys this is a nice sauna with a good atmosphere. The evening I was there there was karaoke and bingo, where both rent-boys and customers participate. Maybe this sounds odd, but it was very amusing. Afterwards both rent-boys and guests lined up in a queue for a free portion of pasta. This meant that even though there were indeed some costs for this sauna visit, I got both sex, an amusing evening and I saved money that I would otherwise have put on visiting a restaurant :-)

  • rmr
    rmr reviewed Termas Fragata Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Be careful!
    This is, like many saunas in Brazil, a rent-boy place. I have had good experiences at many such places and they are actually decent places. Here I had a horrible experience though, being approached in the dark corner of a guy, whom I don´t know who he was, who started having sex with me, being proposed to have sex for 50 reals and when I refused and left one minute later he ran after me demanding 50 reals (something we had no agreement of, and he had not "delivered" anything more than one minute of marketing himself). The worst thing is that after trying to explain this to the manager, he urged this money, in a threatening way. I was told by another guest it would be most wise to pay, otherwise something dangerous could happen to me after leaving the sauna. What is normal in sauna like this is: 1 you make an agreement, 2 you get what you have agreed upon, 3 you pay the price agreed. 4 as a customer you don´t have to feel threatened by the establishment! Be careful about this place!!!