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  • Argentina Cafe Uptown, Houston


  • restauranteurguy
    restauranteurguy reviewed Argentina Cafe Over a year ago
    Loves it

    A little coffee shop with big plates!
    This is by far the cutest, cleanest coffee shop in town. The coffee is superb same as the attention and service.They have lunch specials that range from a bowl of soup, to grilled Chicken Salad with chimichurri sauce to a more "exotic" Milanesa a la Napolitana ( A huge chicken parmigiana with fries). I had a Spinach Quiche (wich was so creamy and delicious) and a Capresse Salad ( Basil, Muzarella and Tomatoes) and after that a wonderful latte. I also got a little sweet "alfajor", wich was like bitting into a piece of heaven! This place is great, located just a few steps from The Galleria. Clean, modern decor, music and tv. And most important, the place is spotless and the service is impecable!