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  • Hawks PDX Southeast, Portland


  • redstache9
    redstache9 reviewed Hawks PDX Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Loved this place - a MAN'S alternative
    Have been a couple times now to Hawks PDX, and really vibe on the place. Super masculine atmosphere, love the old-school feel with wood and chains and metal and stuff. Not sterile and cold at all, and the counter guys were all cool as well. Loved the two slings with mirrors, and the steam sauna that had windows so I could look out or other guys could see in - same with the dry steam room. Place is new, so I know folks are just discovering it, but mix of guys is nice. Young, old, bears, slim, working class, and lots of typical Portland men (tatts, scruff, cool vibe). Liked that they didn't police everyone like some overzealous clubs, but there were condoms and safe sex info all around as well. Good range of supplies as well (including Crisco!) and lots of soft drinks and fruit juices and such. Recommended!