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  • Piranha Nightclub Paradise Fruit Loop, Las Vegas
  • FreeZone Paradise Fruit Loop, Las Vegas


  • redmuscle78
    redmuscle78 reviewed FreeZone Over a year ago
    Loves it

    great place to drink and dance.
    i like this club. free admission TO EVERYONE, great drinks and drink specials, good music, (but dj PLEASE play more of a song if the crowd likes it! 1 minute of a song, and 4 minutes of reggaeton is not fair)! lol but other than that no complaint. oh, except the guy girl ratio is not all that great fellas, but the vibe is cool.

  • redmuscle78
    redmuscle78 reviewed Piranha Nightclub Over a year ago
    Hates it

    THIS CLUB IS HIGHLY OVER RATED. 20 for visitors, and then its worse than Krave wit all the damn str8 people working there! security are assholes, i watched a go go boy slap a patron cuz the guy reached up to put a dollar in his undies... um genius they do do that in other cities, i wish a m$^%^fu*(er would hit me! oh and it aint two clubs, 8 1/2 and piranha is the same club tourists, just two different rooms. hip hop sucks, vip over rated, drinks overpriced, and its only crowded at times cuz its free for locals, who come in drunk from freezone. dont waste your time, go elsewhere trust me if you from out of town.