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  • Point 202 Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro
  • Club 117 Rio de Janeiro
  • redapple
    redapple reviewed Club 117 Over a year ago
    Loves it

    soooo good
    This place is larger than Point 202 which I also like. The rooms in Club 117 are very large as well with enormous large round beds. There also seems to be many more rent boys to choose from here as well. The staff are courteous. The establishment doesn't start filling up until around 4:30pm even though it opens at 3pm. It closes on Mondays but you won't find it written anywhere - you have to ask. There are alot of places inside to lounge from the outside patio, the disco room, the TV room, the snack room, to the hallways. The variety of rent boys to choose from is fantastic. Young, big, older, hairy, skinny, muscular - it's all there. Some are genuinely nice and some pretend only to be nice. What mattered to me was finding someone who was nice because this kind of person would usually give better service. The best way to find these ones is to watch them interact with their equals. Most of them want on average R$70 but will always try and ask for R$100. You can sometimes get them for as low as R$50 which is rumoured what the locals pay. One guy tricked me by saying R$50 but after we were finished he said he said R$50 R$50 which means R$100. I told him he should have said R$100 instead next time and refused to pay more than R$50. Too bad we ended up arguing and have a bit of tussle because I was willing to give him alot more business on future visits.

  • redapple
    redapple reviewed Point 202 Over a year ago
    Loves it

    it's like a candy store
    oh my god is what i said when i was at the Point 202 club. in fact, I said oh my god at the top of my lungs for most part of the evening! this place is incredible with so many gorgeous guys. for once, the reviews are correct. all the guys were well mannered. and most did a great job in bed. only a few you can tell didn't like what they are doing but that was the minority i think. all the ones i encountered used condoms and were fastitidiously clean. the first night i went on a feeding frenzy like a kid in a candy store. i think the second time i go there, i'm going to enjoy it a little slower and concentrate on the particular candies that i tasted earlier. there seems to be no rush; therefore, chatting with them in advance is a nice form of fore play that will make the experience more enjoyable when the deed is done. the place is very clean, very professional, and friendly. It's also in a safe neighborhood in Copacabana surrounded by lots of local residents, stores, restaurants. Have fun! 2nd night review: I went back the second night and unfortunately had a bad experience with one of the rental boys. he wasn't a boy but a big man with a very big tool and with a very big ego of himself. he refused my 50R offer, snickered, and laughed with some of the other boys. Oddly, he tried to get my attention a little later by rubbing his big tool against me but once i learned he was an intimidating person with a not very nice personality, i turned him down. he was so angry and started to stir up some of the other men against me. talk about someone who doesn't know how to take rejection. but don't get me wrong. the other 99% of the boys are very nice and friendly and don't get hostile like this one did. it's still worth going but keep an eye out for ones that have big egos. trying to get them to please the customer might not be so easy.