75M. I'm an older guy--older than you, I mean-- and getting used to being called "daddy," but not insisting on it. I've always preferred much younger men--not toddlers, I mean men in their 30's, ideally--so naturally my favorite hook-ups are with ageists like me (but in the opposite direction!) I'm a writer and part-time poet, essayist, playwright, and memoirist. I have recently proved beyond doubt that I am totally unfit for domesticity, and I won't try it again. My favorite relationships in recent years have depended on getting together once or twice a week for an evening or an overnight, keeping in phone and email contact, sharing experiences both joyful and discomfiting, and supporting each other in both our individual and mutual goals. And finally: I have developed a rich and meaningful spiritual life, in spite of having escaped Christian fundamentalist fanatics in my teen-age years and more recently the survivors of the New Age as well. I am far too wise for my own good--but at least I know it. Interested?

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  • Rainbow Cabaret/Playhouse Theatre Drew Park, Tampa