71M. Tall, cosmopolitan, internationally educated and traveled eclectic mensch here. I love cultural events, bicycling, friendship and lots more. City boy. Professional. Workout but not a fitness buff; emotionally fit and unburdened.

San Francisco, California
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  • 24 Hour Fitness, Van Ness Polk Street, San Francisco


  • rand2345
    rand2345 reviewed 24 Hour Fitness, Van Ness Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Bottom 5% of gyms
    Poorly managed/maintained. Baby cockroaches in men's toilet; and in a room missed by many: failure to replace a broken clock; carpets ripped at seams; holes in walls. Smashed floor tile in men's locker room left to fall apart and disclose the sub-floor. Otherwise, lots of cardio and weight equipment. Also sauna, steam room and hot tub.