Aaren MacKenzie, 47M. I am a simple guy, who loves to travel and see the beautiful sights of the world. was bitten by the travel bug at an early age, thanks to my mother. We would travel all over the beautiful state of Alaska! She would always say, beauty is all around you. You just need to be open to the possibilities. No matter what the situation is, just clear your mind, and open your eyes. So with traveling, your allowing yourself to become far richer than earthly delights can ever bring! Also, no matter what happens, travel should always be fun! It's the only way to really be encouraged to let your inner child out to play... So with that belief, I have opened my own travel, called The Purple Lair. My motto is simple..."Make travel fun again!" It's a work in progress, but its a start. Feel free to hit me, ask me anything. If you are interested in Alaska, you have a specialist here at your disposal. With The Purple Lair, you will not find any travel agents, or anyone to help you plan your trips, oh no. Here, you will have a Travel Concierge to assist you with your Travel Adventures! I have worked and lived up here in Anchorage Alaska, basically my entire life. I went to travel school at SST Travel school back in 1994. Worked in the many different travel fields..hotels/car rentals/airlines to even working for the Alaska Railroad for over ten years. Family and friends are very important to me, and I will do anything for them. Life is short! So make the most of it now, and enjoy life to the fullest. You are never too old to start, and besides, why wait till later to enjoy traveling. Let your inner child out, and play to your heart's desire. That's what I think!! If you would like to know anything else, please feel free to hit me up. If you don't take the first step, you're going to be stuck right where you are. So, my one question is this...Where to next? Thank you for taking the time to read up on me!

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