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  • Max, The Old Market District, Omaha
  • Omaha Mining Company Southeast, Omaha


  • prowelsh56
    prowelsh56 reviewed Max, The Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Was there recently. Older guy here. 55yrs. Certainly a great complex. Liked all the different bars. Music excellent. Younger crowd for sure but people were nice enough. Seemed to be more women than men and a young crowd at that and straight couples or straight gals...all good.. BUT nice to see such a place. Certainly worth a visit. Well done Max.

  • prowelsh56
    prowelsh56 reviewed Omaha Mining Company Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Was very disappointed in a trip this month - January 2012. I like the style of the bar. Rather a retro old feel. That was cool. The time I popped in for a drink was Saturday night. 8pm. Met by the bartender who wasn't really interested or so I thought. No energy about that gal at all. Then another customer came in and asked her: 1. How are you? response: same old. Second question: how were your holidays? responses: so , so. Some other question the patron asked met by a one word response. The thing is the bartender did have any energy or personality and wasnt interested in her customers. That night a the bar they were watching some TV Show! On a saturday night? Place was quiet and dead when you walked through the door. Should have been a red light. Stayed for one beer and left.. Not worth the walk up the hill. Later the same bartender was at the Saloon! Tells yah a lot.