51M. ...Hello guys. I still believe there are nice committed men out there. I stopped going to the bars looking for love...and enjoy finding new friends, instead. I moved into a small town recently, because I grew tired of the big cities. I make friends easily, maybe because: I'm honest, reliable and truthful. I grew past my one night stand era.

Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin
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  • Badlands Las Vegas Southeast, Las Vegas


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    polarizer reviewed Badlands Las Vegas Over a year ago
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    ...suprisingly, I wasn't asked to leave?
    ...after a long day at a convention, I decided to meet some friends...they wanted to go to your typical straight-bar, even though we are all GAY!... eah!, we're from hicksville u.s.a. ...so I suggested a place called the Badlands. The taxi knew exactly where to go... I had soo much fun, I almost missed my appointment the next day. Thanks Badlands, for making us have, too much, fun in Las Vegas.